Airport and proximity to the North Sea

SOWE is the closest you get to the North Sea offshore installations. SOWE is 100 nautical miles away from Sorlig Nordsjo II. From Farsund Airport Lista it’s only 45 minutes by helicopter. You won’t get any closer to the wind farms in the North Sea.


Farsund Airport, Lista is an airport situated on the Lista peninsula in the municipality of Farsund.

The airport’s main advantage is the long runway. This allows for large cargo aircraft and the occasional charter flight with large passenger aircrafts.

Farsund Airport is southernmost airport in Norway. It’s located a 10-minute drive from Farsund Port. There is free airspace over land and sea.

Current Operational Status


3000mx45m (14/20)



Visual flight rules


Max take-off weight


Max number of passengers


The ports

SOWE offer fully regulated industrial plots close to deep sea ports and with a well-developed infrastructure.

SOWE Lundevagen, Farsund
Lundevagen / Farsund


m2 fully regulated
+ option of further 300.000 m2

Close to deep-water quay. The world’s largest seismic port by far. The port is utilized by Alcoa Lista, Aludyne Farsund and Asco. Several mechanical workshops are located nearby. The port is also used for ship lay-up.

SOWE Hausvik, Lyngdal
Hausvik / Lyngdal


m2 fully regulated
+ option of further 300.000 m2

Deep-water quay front with 10-50m depth. New quay front will enable two boats to load at the same time. Land-based fish farms are located on the site.

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