The mayors link up to win the offshore wind race


Three mayors on the same offshore wind team. Even Sagebakken (Lindesnes), Arnt Abrahamsen (Farsund) and Jan Kristensen (Lyngdal.

The mayors of Farsund, Lyngdal and Lindesnes work closely together to attract offshore wind activity to the region.

Sveinung W. Jensen

Sveinung W. Jensen

Before Christmas, they spent a whole day together making plans for future offshore wind cooperation.

– We talked about how we can collaborate in 2023. We want as much offshore wind investment as possible in Agder, says Farsund’s mayor Arnt Abrahamsen.

NEXT YEAR the first licences for Sørlige Nordsjø II will be awarded.

– Lyngdal, Farsund and Lindesnes are the only municipalities in Agder that have suitable onshore areas for the industrial part of offshore wind. That’s why it’s so important that we work together politically to make sure that our region is chosen by the large offshore wind companies, says mayor of Lindesnes Even Sagebakken.

He points out that Farsund, Lyngdal and Lindesnes, when the new E39 is complete in 6-7 years, will become a joint living and working region.

SEVERAL LETTERS of intent have been signed with various companies looking to establish local offshore wind activity, most recently in Lyngdal where an agreement was signed with a group of local industrial companies.

– It is very important that the local supplier industry now gets involved, says Lyngdal’s mayor Jan Kristensen.

HOW MANY JOBS offshore wind can provide in Farsund, Lyngdal and Lindesnes is difficult to estimate.

– We know that operational offshore wind activity will create jobs. Exactly how many, is hard to tell, says Sagebakken.

– Perhaps the most important thing will be the spin-off in connection to land based offshore wind activity. There will be room for innovation and new business opportunities, says Abrahamsen.