SOWE is considered Norway’s green battery

Foto: Eli Margrethe Uglem

The advanced electricity infrastructure makes SOWE the ideal place to bring wind power ashore.

Sira-Kvina / SOWE

Sira-Kvina Kraftselskap located in the municipal of Sirdal produces 6300 GWh of hydropower per year, equalling 5 percent of Norway’s total electric power production.

Wind Parks / SOWE

The wind parks of Lista, Tonstad and Buhei have a total annual production of 1171 GWh.


The NordLink and NorLed subsea power cables connect Sirdal and Kvinesdal to Germany and the Netherlands and have a total capacity of 2700 MW.


Valhall is supplied with electric power from shore through a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable link from Farsund.