Local industry wants to develop offshore wind in Hausvik


Board and project management of Hausvik Energy Yard. From left: Arne Marthinsen, Eivind Reisvaag Sunde, Kjell O. Johannessen (CIFO Management), Jørn Håland, Peder Andersen, Jan Kåre Hansen and Kjell Vidar Netland (Lister Nyskaping).

Five major companies from Lister join forces to develop offshore wind related activity in the industrial area of Hausvik, Lyngdal.

Sveinung W. Jensen

Sveinung W. Jensen

The grouping has already founded the company Hausvik Energy Yard. On December 15 a letter of intent was agreed with the Municipality of Lyngdal, the owner of the industrial area.

– We aim to develop this area and create local jobs in Lyngdal. This will be achieved through a joint commitment to offshore wind and other industrial projects within renewable energy, says Jørn Håland, chairman of the board and spokesman of Hausvik Energy Yard.

THE COMPANY is owned by AMV AS, Lundevågen Invest AS, ASCO Norway AS, AF AeronMollier AS and Fjellbygg Norway AS.

– The investment in offshore wind is Norway’s biggest industrial decision since the start of the oil and gas adventure in 1969. The establishment of Hausvik Energy Yard could be historic for the region, says Håland.

The establishment of Hausvik Energy Yard could be historic for the region

Jørn Håland

In total, the grouping employs almost 900 people and has an annual turnover of more than NOK 2.2 billion.

– WE REPRESENT different companies that complement each other well. We promise to do a thorough job and think long-term, says board member Arne Marthinsen.

The five companies found each other through SOWE Energy, a project initiated by the municipalities of Farsund and Lyngdal to help establish offshore wind-related industry in the region. SOWE Energy offer regulated industrial plots close to deep-sea ports and with a well-developed infrastructure.

– The fact that local players want to establish themselves, I cheer for. In the next round, there are issues that we need to clarify such as road network, electricity system and the interest of the neighbours. It is important to highlight the opportunities that lie at Hausvik. Here there is the possibility of creating something good. We must cheer for this, says Deputy Mayor of Lyngdal Jon-Are Åmland to Lister24 newspaper (+).

– IF WE ARE to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, which entails that Europe reduces its CO2 emissions by 55 percent by 2030 and becomes carbon neutral by 2050, a huge restructuring of the international energy market is required. Both Norway and Europe will have an urgent need for more renewable energy in the years to come. We believe that Hausvik is ideally positioned to be part of this transition, says Eivind Reisvaag Sunde, also a board member of Hausvik Energy Yard.

The industrial area at Hausvik is located at the very edge of Lyngdal, has a deepwater quay and is highlighted by many as one of two areas in Agder that it is realistic to use for the installation of offshore wind turbines.

– OUR FIRST GOAL is to take an active part in the development of Sør Norsjø II and Utsira Nord. However, the yard will also be an attractive and future-oriented offer for operation and maintenance for offshore wind farms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, says Håland.

The Norwegian Government’s ambition is to facilitate annual production of 30 GW on the Norwegian continental shelf by 2040. This corresponds to around 75 per cent of the capacity in the Norwegian power system today.

The first Norwegian offshore wind licences will be awarded next year. Sør Nordsjø II is only 100 nautical miles from Lyngdal.

The shareholders of Hausvik Energy Yard AS:


Mechanical workshop, established in 1860 and located in Flekkefjord.

Provides a range of products and services within engineering, machining, welding, assembly, painting and testing of equipment.

Owners: Peder Andersen (99 per cent) and Per Gunnar Andersen (1 per cent).

Lundevågen Invest AS

Indirect shareholders in Einar Øgrey Farsund, which is a mechanical workshop in Farsund.

Engaged in mechanical new production and maintenance, in addition to the construction of high-voltage facilities for electrification or offshore wind, so-called HVDC facilities.

Owners: Arne Marthinsen through Karistua AS and Bjarne Lohndal through Solemoa AS.

Fjellbygg Norway AS

Owns Fjellbygg and Nornebygg. Contractor for large concrete structures. Head office in Lyngdal.

Develops hydropower plants, concrete foundations for power lines and concrete works on major real estate projects.

Owner: Jørn Håland

ASCO Norway AS

Is part of the ASCO Group headquartered in Aberdeen and is the largest global provider of outsourced logistics services and solutions to the oil and gas industry

The activity consists primarily of operating supply bases, logistics and supplybase operations.

Owners: ASCO Group is owned by private equity fund Zander Topco Ltd.

AF AeronMollier AS

Supplier of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) located in Flekkefjord.

Offers products and services for marine and offshore newbuilds, maintenance and modification projects.

Owners: AF Gruppen ASA

The Board of Directors of Hausvik Energy Yard AS consists of representatives from the company’s shareholders:

Jørn Håland, Fjellbygg Norway AS, Chairman of the Board

Peder Andersen, AMV AS, board member

Eivind Reisvaag Sunde, ASCO Norway AS, board member

Jan Kåre Hansen, AF AeronMollier AS, board member

Arne Marthinsen, Lundevågen Invest AS, board member

Illustration of an imaginary design of the yard of the future.