Equinor wants to talk to local businesses

Jan Kristensen and Arnt Abrahamsen talking to Daniel Rogstad, Head of Offshore Wind at Equinor.

Daniel Rogstad, Head of Offshore Wind at Equinor, had talks with the mayors of Lyngdal and Farsund, Jan Kristensen, left, and Arnt Abrahamsen, right. (Photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon)

Daniel Rogstad, Head of Offshore Wind at Equinor, encourages companies in the southwest of Norway to join forces and offer larger offshore wind packages.

Sveinung W. Jensen

Sveinung W. Jensen

– I can be good at producing doors. But if I work with my neighbour who makes walls and roofs, we can deliver an entire house together. Think like that, and it will be an awful lot easier to gain access to larger suppliers and to us as developers, says Rogstad.

At a offshore wind meeting in Lyngdal arranged by Lister Business Association, he explained how local companies should proceed if they want to take part in the new offshore wind adventure.

– It’s important that you have a strategic approach. Find your role and niche, and be clear about what you can deliver. And then it is incredibly important to talk to your neighbour, says Rogstad.

He believes Agder can play a key role in the development and operation of Sørlige Nordsjø II.

– We would like to have a good dialogue with local suppliers and hear what they can deliver. Send me an email (danrog@equinor.com) and use the contact network you already have towards Equinor, urges Rogstad.